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Ruber Solutions

Our Company

Vitamin Swiss Brand was founded in Switzerland in 2001. Our product lines have been developed continuously since then.

The high quality of our products is a result of the high exigence of our swiss clients as Switzerland was our main market in those days.

In 2010 we decided to expand to the European market with a very good response in the most important countries. So well introduced the Swiss Brand Vitamin is today available in a lot of countries worldwide.

Vitamin offers a great variety of materials and products that simplify the craft of shoe repairers and orthopedic shoemakers.

Our Team

We are working continuously on developing new products and improving existing ones. The high swiss quality standards imply a great benefit for all our clients. In addition to an easy handling the excellent quality of the final craft result is a reason for choosing Vitamin. Our choice of half soles and different heels is perfectly combinable and offers a uniform and harmonic general look.

Our tight and intense collaboration with our shoe repair and orthopedic wholesalers is the best guarantee for a good availability of our products and to receive the very important feedback from our clients.

Our Aim

is to offer solutions for the requirements that result from the wide range of different shoe repair tasks.

As manufacturer of rubber, EVA and PU products we use our experience and skills for investigation and the developing of products. Best precondition for articles that match the specific needs of our clients and the demand of the current market.

At Vitamin Swiss Brand we have the big advantage of a good infrastructure, knowhow and best technology that allows us to implement innovations and apply improvements fast at every step of our production.

¡Perfect products from professionals for professionals!